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Protected: This Group Finds Itself Back at Relative Support

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Protected: Put this Stock on Your Radar as the Next Move is Apt to be a Big One

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This Stock Sure Does Look a Lot Like AAPL…right before it Fell 30%

We’re on bubble alert. In the chart below we plot AAPL on a non-log basis over the long-term to highlight its parabolic ramp higher at (A), which began in 2012, presumably what was its “end game” move higher into an all-time “bubble” top of sorts. We then juxtapose AAPL against a mystery stock, also on […]

Turkey’s Bellwether Stock Index Faces Resistance that Has Led to Recent Cyclical Bear Markets

Turkey’s ISE National-100 has had an amazing run, up 65% in a single year. More remarkable is the 42x (yes, 42x) return on the index since the first global risk/banking contagion of 1998 during  LTCM’s blow-up. That said, the index now faces resistance at (A). This line has capped the index’s cyclical bull markets since […]

Down 90%, Will This Stock’s Fortunes Improve Soon?

Anybody know what stock is in the chart below? Needless to say, down ~90% from its all-time high a few years ago, things haven’t been pretty. In fact, one could have tried to pick this name up on intermediate-term support (dotted red lines) at various points on the descent, only to realize in retrospect, that […]

Is This Line Relevant to the Nikkei?

Is line (1) in the chart below relevant to the Nikkei per history? If so, what happens with a sustained break above it, if anything?

Central Banks Have Done an Excellent Job of Back-Stopping Global Risk Appetite

The chart below plots the average path that U.S. secular bear markets (1901-1921; 1929-1942; 1966-1982) have taken through history and compares it to the path the current (presumed) secular bear of 2000-2012. The path of the current had plotted nearly perfectly with the average leading into point (A) in summer/fall 2011.  At that point in […]