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Protected: Put this Stock on Your Radar as the Next Move is Apt to be a Big One

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This Stock Sure Does Look a Lot Like AAPL…right before it Fell 30%

We’re on bubble alert. In the chart below we plot AAPL on a non-log basis over the long-term to highlight its parabolic ramp higher at (A), which began in 2012, presumably what was its “end game” move higher into an all-time “bubble” top of sorts. We then juxtapose AAPL against a mystery stock, also on […]

Down 90%, Will This Stock’s Fortunes Improve Soon?

Anybody know what stock is in the chart below? Needless to say, down ~90% from its all-time high a few years ago, things haven’t been pretty. In fact, one could have tried to pick this name up on intermediate-term support (dotted red lines) at various points on the descent, only to realize in retrospect, that […]

AAPL Downside Could Accelerate

We suggested a few weeks back that bottom fishing in AAPL was likely a bad idea. This commentary came on the backs of our original post on the name back on October 5th, 2012 when the stock stood at nearly ~$660 and we said: “With today’s decline we view the technical set-up in the stock as being […]

LULU’s Technicals Suggested Weakness into EPS

LULU reported EPS and issued forward guidance last night. Without getting into fundamental details, the stock disappointed and is indicated to open down ~6% this morning. In short, the technical set-up in the stock heading into EPS suggested the likelihood of such weakness. In the chart below, LULU had broken down from a consolidation pattern […]

What Would You Do?

What would you do with this asset given all of the lines in the chart below that are in play? What exactly is it that we’re displaying on the chart?

Protected: Contrarian Short Opportunity in Consumer Tech?

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