Safe-Haven Assets Breaking Down as Risk Assets Breaking Out

Global safe-haven assets appear to be breaking down from bearish ascending wedge patterns.

Global risk assets appear to be breaking out above trend-line resistance and consolidation zones.

Not attempting to editorialize on the strength/weakness of the global economy and what should be happening, just relaying what is happening via the editorializing prices are doing, thus far.

No idea why this appears to be happening but it could be that on a short-term basis, we were on to something early this week in our post about the Swiss Franc sniffing out the potential for more CB intervention ahead of comments from Draghi re: defending the Euro and the Fed rumor in the WSJ of more easing, both of which occurred later on in the week.

Regardless, if break-outs (break-downs) are real, the best (worst) case scenario for risk (safe-haven) assets would be to test former resistance (support) as new support (resistance) before moving higher (lower).

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