AAPL’s Run Highly Similar to Silver’s Parabolic Move; $1,000/$1 Trillion Cap Next?

Have attached two items to look at – one is a daily analog chart that compares the % increase in AAPL from January 2012 to current vs. the % increase SLV experienced from September 2010 to April 2011.

These starting points are not arbitrarily chosen to goal seek this analysis – both represent the point at which each respective asset broke out from a multi-month consolidation pattern to begin what both now appear to be parabolic moves higher.

If the analog is correct, AAPL is about to finish the corrective part of the first stage of the run higher, with the potential, should it break and close above $600 (and if this analog is correct) for a move to $1,000+ within a compressed period of time, making the company a $1 trillion market cap company.

But then again, I’m always reminded by wonkish academics and economists running blogs how silly technicals and analogs are – because it’s not like PTJ used either going into Oct-1987 to net himself a 50%+ month and 200%+ year in calling the crash – so maybe I’m reading too much into the tea leaves here.

Regardless, stay tuned because the set-up looks enticing and CNBC would be salivating at the potential to get airplay out of AAPL hitting $1 Trillion in cap size…

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