NOK Down 95% from All-Time Highs, Is the Bleeding Over?

Does anybody remember how cutting edge this company used to be?  This beauty was featured in one of the Matrix movies.

At its lows last week following disappointing EPS results, NOK was down an incredible 95% from its all-time highs at $2.35.

Finally, the stock has reached rather significant long-term support levels provided by lines (1) and (2) in the chart below.

It seems as if such support could provide a favorable reward/risk set-up here on the long side, with a stop a few % below last week’s low.

Needless to say, given the significance of support at hand, if this support were to give way, the only logical conclusion would be that NOK is going far lower than $2.35.

Also worth noting is that RIMM and SNE, former consumer electronics powerhouses themselves, are not really in dissimilar situations…

Which begs the question – as a consumer electronics outfit itself, what does AAPL possess in terms of sustainable competitive advantages that the latter three former gladiators did not?

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